What to expect from a hen party in Spain

What to expect from a hen party in Spain

Spain is an ultimate hen party magnet not only in Europe but the entire world. The country boasts of a variety of tourist attractions such as cool architecture, high-end shopping malls, and balmy temperature not forgetting the beautiful and stunning beaches. Therefore, here are some of the activities that you might enjoy in hen parties in Spain.

  • Private paella cooking class

If there is an activity you can’t afford to miss is the paella cooking. It’s not only fun but also educative. This activity enables you to learn how to cook Spain’s most popular meal in a simple way possible. Also, you’ll get some time to interact and make fun with your fellow classmates as you attend the private cooking lessons.

  • Treasure hunt

For those with hunting passion, this is a must-do activity during your hen party. Treasure hunting involves several activities such as exploration, team work and teambuilding. What’s more, there are other group songs such as sangria pong, sumo wrestling that graces the event.

  • Cocktail Making Classes

Your hen party won’t be much fun without making any cocktail. This activity offers you an opportunity to get into the drinking mood. During the classes, you will know how different flavours and drinks can be mixed to reach a unique outcome.

  • Fine wine tasting

It would sound rude if you don’t taste Spain’s sweetest and finest local wines during your hen party. Wine tasking is often guided by a professional sommelier who presents you with not less than 5 different brands. This not only improves your party experience but also makes you appreciate the Spanish cultural drinks.


Spain is arguably one of the top tourist destinations in Europe, if not the world. With its magnificent architectures and tourist sites, it’s a good place for hen parties too. Therefore, the above-mentioned activities are some of the best to do when having a hen party in Spain.