American Bald Eagle
Bald Eagle

American Bald Eagle

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American Bald Eagle blown glass Christmas ornament. Made in Poland 6" 
Glitter accents

      The American Bald Eagle is the bird of our nation. About half of the world's Bald Eagle population lives in the state of Alaska. 

      We offer some of the most beautiful and unique glass ornaments from around the world. Our ornaments are hand crafted blown glass and painted with great detail by skilled artists. Glass cylinders are heated and then free blown or quickly pressed into molds. Liquid silver is poured into each ornament to provide the reflective background for the final step of painting and glittering. This step by step process can be very labor intensive and take as long as 7 days to complete one ornament. Because each ornament is handmade, slight variations can occur and are normal.

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