About Us


     I thought I would just give you some little tidbits about us and who we are. 

     Vintage Treasures Ornaments is a small mother & daughter run business.  My Mother and I started our business at a local flea market more than 10 years ago and we have been just been scooting along ever since. 

     My obsession with glass ornaments started when my husband bought me a set of blown glass vegetable ornaments while living in Germany.  That’s right…vegetable ornaments.  I fell in love with them.  And who doesn’t love a potato or a bell pepper on their Christmas tree? My Mother has always loved glass ornaments and as a child use to hang a very old glass candy cane ornament on the tree each year that belonged to her Mother.  That ornament has been around for more than 60 years and still has a special place on her tree every year. 

     I won’t bore you with the bumpy road that got us from a little booth at a flea market to our on-line web shop but as you can see, we are living proof that hard work, a little trial and error (ok..maybe a lot) does pay off in the end. 

     We hope you enjoy what we have to offer and we look forward to making your Christmas, holidays, and events memorable.
Get to know us here.

Linda & Michelle


       Now let me tell you more about Vintage Treasures Ornaments.  We specialize in mouth blow glass ornaments.  If you are looking for wood, plastic, or resin, you will have to look somewhere else. 

     The majority of our ornaments come from Poland and Germany...and yes..some come from China.  We are very particular about the ornaments that we carry so don't let the "Made in China" label scare you.  Old World Christmas is just one of the well known companies which have their ornaments produced in China and they are top-notch!

     At Vintage Treasures we offer you two ways to shop.  You can shop our on-line web shop or you can shop our Ebay store. Both will offer the same quality of ornaments and each one will be individually  wrapped in bubbles to ensure your ornament gets to you in one piece.   

     Let us put a little sparkle into your next gift with a beautiful glass ornament.